Project Support Services

By bringing together various stakeholders, we create rewarding opportunities for entrepreneurs to contribute to project success – now and into the future. This creates an authentic sense of shared enterprise and ownership and helps empower SMEs.

We track key performance metrics and provide visibility into each project. In this way, we can achieve total regulatory compliance and audit preparedness – and deliver on our promises. We’re always happy to be held accountable.

Our core support services contribute to our ability to provide specialty solutions:

    Transparent, cost-effective and fully compliant procurement services that provide enduring value. We partner with OEMs and software developers to ensure that solutions are optimised for contextual best-fit.
    Enabling eLearning through device population and information sharing.
    We are building a nationwide network of owner-drivers and using logistics industry openings to empower service providers as well as end-users.
    Rainmaker empowers the people who will build our nation’s future. By ensuring that they have the materials they need to have a transformative impact on learning opportunities.
    The Project Support role provides project administration, management and technical support to the Project Manager as required by the needs of the individual project or Project Manager.
    We have two decades of supply chain management expertise – and the power to implement scalable distribution solutions to meet your needs.

By providing dedicated nationwide warehousing and storage infrastructure, we can help you reliably deliver on your promises to your customers.

Our distribution centres form hubs where management expertise, advanced systems and operational infrastructure coalesce into project success, both high-level and granular.

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