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We have two decades of supply chain management expertise and specialise in the implementation of tailored and scalable distribution solutions.

Bongani emphasises a focus on planning, coordinating, and controlling the project delivery so that our end-users can be equipped and empowered with the right tools and equipment. These divisions are managed by each project management unit, dedicated to your successful project delivery.

We build integrated systems to provide visibility and better control of each project. This allows us to ensure regulatory compliance and audit preparedness, and accountability in the delivery of our promises.

Our core services

1. Procurement

Our transparent, cost effective, and regulation compliant services provide sustainable value on long- term and short-term project delivery. It enables more reliable delivery to our warehouses and a lower cost per item.

We deliver procurement solutions which are optimised for the best fit for your procurement needs.

What our procurement services involve

  • manage the adherence to business or department requirements
  • source and vet suppliers
  • track received goods
  • managing payment terms, purchase orders, and making payments
  • forecasting demand and planning orders to efficiently distribute the required goods.
  • ensuring safe storage.

2. Aggregation and ordering

These services are critical to successful inventory management and distribution. Category grouping and ordering processes are guided by the following criteria:

  • distribution patterns and trends
  • the stage of project delivery
  • demand patterns We use comprehensive reporting to track and forecast these trends and ensure that the correct stock is available for each wave.

“Success in life is about project management. Determine deliverables, make milestones and always pursue the critical path.”

3. Our support processes

  • ensure the adherence to project management processes, methods, and standards
  • assist project management units in the project procedures and application
  • ensure effective communication between all stakeholders and teams

Our project support services are divided by project under the Project Management Office and are allocated to each project in dedicated Project Management Units to ensure ongoing expert support by people who know and understand your project requirements.

4. Fulfilment

Our nation-wide network of owner-drivers and logistics industry openings provides value to both our service providers and our clients. We ascertain the delivery scope (quantity, quality and content), aggregate orders, place orders, and distribute materials and goods, giving an end-to-end service.

Our delivery service ensures efficient, predictable, reliable, and end-user focused distribution of goods. We combine electronic and traditional project delivery to include a comprehensive, tailored, and purpose-driven solution which ensure project success, every time.

Our fulfilment commitments

  • to assess the delivery requirements based on timing, goods required, supplier turnaround, and location
  • to ensure effective inbound, outbound, and storage processes
  • to commit to supplier management which ensures stock availability and time-conscious delivery
  • a commitment to smooth operations within all our hubs to ensure a seamless delivery and fulfilment process.

Nation-wide warehousing and storage

This infrastructure for warehousing and inventory storage across South Africa ensures safety, security, and visibility of your required materials and equipment.

Our distribution hubs are equipped with advanced systems integration, expert managers, and fit-for- purpose operational infrastructure.

These hubs allow for better quality control, fulfilment, and delivery efficiency, helping your project to be delivered efficiently and successfully.

All projects that involve procurement and pick-‘n-pack finishing services are managed centrally via the hub- and-spoke methodology. We also provision for long- and short-term pre- and post-project storage facilities
The benefits of warehousing and storage with Bongani

  • we keep the costs lower
  • we ensure on-time receiving and shipping
  • productive staff that ensure an efficient and effective delivery
  • a focus on stock availability as demand changes
  • optimised storage for speed of distribution, simpler tracking, and improved security.
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