Bongani Health

Unique and highly specialised solutions for excellent delivery and 100% accuracy

Healthcare and pharmaceutical supply chains need specialised delivery protocols and solutions to manage the complexity and accuracy requirements of the sector. Our solutions are tailored to medical logistics requirements, providing safe and efficient delivery solutions for pharmaceutical and healthcare products to anywhere in South Africa.

What we do

We provide you with cold-chain and standard fulfilment solutions, supported by our project delivery skills and delivery expertise.

Quality and regulatory compliance is critical, and our modular systems give you the quality and regulatory control you need, with transparency and security.

Our distribution expertise covers:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical equipment
  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Consumer health products

We provide you with an end-to-end solution:

  • Demand planning
  • Procurement
  • Warehousing
  • Distribution
  • Tracking
  • Transparent view of the project
  • Project management throughout the process
  • Value-added services

Our current focus is on the public sector, delivering faster, more transparently, and with a near-real-time view of the supply chain and distribution progress. We partner with the private sector to ensure a quality service to the national healthcare system.

Our Healthcare Project Support Services

Our unique approach to project management in the healthcare sector combines our in-house capabilities with industry leaders to guarantee seamless delivery.

Our project support services give you the opportunity to connect with stakeholders and SMEs to get better service, innovation in project delivery, and more flexibility in the delivery of medical equipment and pharmaceutical products

Our Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Fulfilment Solutions

We provide scalable, flexible distribution solutions in the healthcare sector, ensuring seamless fulfilment and adherence to regulatory guidelines and necessary timelines.

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