Bongani Education LTSM Solutions

The provision and management of learning and teaching support material (LTSM) is a national priority aimed at ensuring that every learner and teacher has access to the minimum set of core materials required to implement the National Curriculum Statement Grades R-12.

The DBE’s LTSM policy views the supply, usage and retention of LTSM to be a collaborative effort by all stakeholders in the LTSM sector supported by provincial officials, school administrators, teachers, learners and their parents.

It is from this departure point that Bongani Rainmaker has established a division dedicated entirely to understanding the LTSM environment and creating a scalable service solution aimed at supporting every aspect of this extensive value chain. On the face of it, ensuring that LTSM material including textbooks are delivered reliably seems a simple task. The reality however is that an extensive skills and resource base is required to project manage and co-ordinate this complex ecosystem of stakeholders and compliance regulations

Bongani Education have developed systems and processes that seamlessly handle the various stages involved in delivering provincial LTSM cycles. This includes managing the demand and supply chain aspects of the process which ensures that the needs of schools are determined, orders aggregated so that learning and teaching material can be sourced from manufacturers and delivered reliably to education institutions.

As with our other offerings, we handle every stage of the supply chain management process, from planning and procurement through to distribution. At every step, there is full management oversight and accountability of the entire process. Speciality education services now also include an EDTECH eLearning offering which has taken the a solution aggregation approach since no two eLearning implementations are the same.

What is LTSM?

LTSM is Learning and Teaching Support Material, which, with provision and distribution provided by Bongani Education, supplies all scholars and teachers with material they need to complete the government education syllabus grR-12 successfully and implement the National Curriculum Statement.


Our Adherence to the South African LTSM Policy:

  • We provide you with the tools to fulfil the universal provision of textbooks per student, per subject, according to the national catalogue of required reading material.
  • We provide a full range of delivery solutions for Core LTSM, eLTSM, Supplementary LTSM and Open Education resources.
  • We enable the core principles of the LTSM strategy by providing the support, project management, and tools for critical resource provision and flexibility of access to learning and teaching materials.
  • We follow the centralised procurement model we assist provinces or the DBE in the procurement of Core and other essential LTSM.
  • We allow a full range of services to allow for the accurate and ongoing forecast of future demand.

Our education division is dedicated to creating a scalable service solution to support every step of the cycle in a complex value chain.

Ensuring the delivery of LTSM material requires extensive skills and resource bases, excellent project management and coordination, and participation of all stakeholders.

We support the education public sector by providing quality support and dependable delivery, no matter what

Education and LTSM Project management: What We Do

  • Manage the demand and supply chain throughout the process
  • Planning
  • Determining the needs of schools
  • Aggregating orders for reliable procurement and delivery to institutions
  • Distribution
  • Full management oversight and accountability throughout the process
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